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Aga Zaryan - "To Touch Culture" in concert

To Touch Culture is an all-year-round series of events bringing people together regardless of their disability (or lack thereof), worldview, age or origin. We meet around what is impressive and most beautiful: science and art that bring generations together.

Throughout the academic year, diverse lectures, presentations and workshops are offered. Everyone is invited yet the important thing is that they are adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. At the close of each edition of To Touch Culture, always in June, a concert is played in the courtyard of the Collegium Maius Jagiellonian University Museum, where we gather in order to listen to great music, usually jazz. On 23 June 2017, it was Aga Zaryan who performed for us a set selected specially for the occasion. It was her concert for To Touch Culture.
Aga Zaryan photo in concert

Touch Culture 2017 participants

As part of To Touch Culture, each year the University museum’s collection becomes richer with new adaptations of famous exhibits which can be touched by blind, partially sighted and elderly persons yet are there for all visitors. Also available on this site is audio description of many paintings made over recent years.

Below, we also offer open lectures delivered recently encouraging you to become familiar with their fascinating content.

"Chess in medieval culture"

"The Devil in medieval culture"

"Sign language in monastic communities"

"Pilgrimage routes and pilgrim rights in medieval Europe"

"Ships sailing in the air, or flying in the Middle Ages"

"The archaeological time machine"

"From cattle to polymers, or a different take on the history of money"

"Do We Need the Brain?"

"University Customs: Ermines, Regalia and Student Induction Pranks"

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