The first edition of the To Touch Culture initiative took place in 2012 when 26 April marked the public premiere of a guidebook for blind and partially sighted persons entitled "To Touch Culture" (Polish original: “Dotknij kultury”) which showcases the Jagiellonian University (JU) Collegium Maius. The work on the publication had started a year earlier inspired by the University of Cambridge in the UK.
On that day, the Collegium Maius hosted the creators of the guidebook, Jagiellonian University and Collegium Maius authorities, blind and partially sighted students, staff from Cracow’s cultural institutions, and journalists. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the results of the one-year-long work on the guidebook as well as to put questions to its creators and consultants, all this inside the legendary interiors of the Libraria and Stuba Communis. It was from there that the group visit around the museum began taking in its most interesting sections. The guests, disabled and non-disabled, went around the museum in the following sequence: the Libraria, Stuba Communis, Treasury One, Treasury Two, Żołędziowski’s Room, Grabowski’s Room, Copernicus Hall, and finally the Lecture Hall.
The information provided by a competent guide took into consideration the needs of the blind visitors, and the verbal messages were complemented with the option of becoming familiar with selected objects and architectonic features (e.g. a stove, Gdańsk-style stairs, a rocaille) through touch. The deaf visitors could use the service of a sign-language interpreter.
There were stands put up at the inner courtyard where blind students presented the guidebook featuring the treasures of Collegium Maius written with partially sighted and blind persons in mind. They were also showing how blind persons appreciate tactile graphics and how those are perceived when compared with the suggested description.