The third edition of To Touch Culture took place on 24 June 2014.
JU Museum director Professor Krzysztof Stopka welcomed the audience gathered in the Libraria of the Collegium Maius. He invited the visitors to enjoy and experience by touch the exhibit adaptations prepared with persons with sight disability in mind as well as to visit the exhibition accompanying this year’s event entitled "A Gift of Beauty. Masterpieces Donated to the Jagiellonian University in the Collegium Maius collection".
The visitors had an opportunity to become familiar with various adaptations executed under the supervision of Malwina Antoniszczak by students of Design at the Pedagogical University of Cracow. They showed impressive creativity coming up with solutions which facilitate access to visual arts for people with sight disability.
A number of adaptations on show represented the Collegium Maius building. Its miniature model in the form of wooden blocks gave an insight into the layout of the historical chambers, while the mock-ups of the vaults in the Libraria and Jagiellonian Auditorium into the architectonic structure of the ceilings and their ornamental features. The quantity of the construction materials dominating the Libraria was presented as a percentage model in the form of differently sized cuboids of wood, glass, metal and concrete. Some adaptations showed historical items from the museum like a decorative carpet or a musical clock featuring a parade of University rectors, while some, like books with special inserts, taught pincer grasping to blind children.
The art historian Róża Książek-Czerwińska led the tour of the "A Gift of Beauty" exhibition. During the tour the visitors could touch selected exhibits with the guide describing them simultaneously. This year, Róża read out the audio description texts she prepared for the painting "Hamlet Sees the Ghost of his Father" by Eugène Delacroix and Tadeusz Błotnicki’s commemorative plaquette for the JU’s 500-anniversary. The exhibition also featured graphic adaptations of the works referred to above executed by the artist-painter Lech Kolasiński (a cast of the commemorative plaquette and tactile graphics illustrating the painting by Delacroix, a copy of the original and a simplified version). The visitors could also appreciate some earlier adaptations like a replica of a Nobel medal awarded to Wisława Szymborska.