The Devil in medieval culture

The lecture delivered by Dr Wiktor Szymborski from the JU Institute of History was held at Collegium Paderevianum II on 15 January 2016. The presentation featured a history of the perception of the Devil in the Middle Ages, invoking infernal powers, contact with Satan, "hellish" iconography and the hierarchy of devils in the Middle Ages. Familiarising the audience with the medieval perception of infernal powers, the lecturer showcased differences between that perception in medieval Europe across the centuries. Hell and infernal torture as seen in the 1330s and 1400s differed considerably from the original early medieval representations. In the course of the "mature" Middle Ages, the magnitude of devils and supernatural forces surrounding man was unusually extensive. The lecture also featured history of medicine in the context of perceiving forces of hell, as well as medieval interpretations of visions of hell.

Photo from lecture

tactile adaptations

Attendees at the lecture on "The Devil in medieval culture"; photography by Łukasz Wspaniały

Video footage of the lecture:

Miniatures and adaptations of the illustrations discussed during the lecture